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NextGath Networks

Welcome to the official NextGath networks website. We are a online community and we run various website across the web. We have listed some of our websites on the bottom of the page.

Our Sites


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iABDL is a video sharing website for the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover community. We are 100% free and we do not use intrusive ads.


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ABDLBook is a social network website for the ABDL community. Everyone is welcome to join. We have an app made for Android as well! (iOS is not possible at this time due to Apple policies. Sorry!)


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JuicyXIMG is a free image host aimed more towards the adult-themed community. This site is mostly NSFW. We also don't use intrusive ads on this site either.


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IMGDash is a free image host. This is a "semi-SFW" site where you can upload anything from memes to selfies. The only restriction is no adult content. (However, offensive content is allowed. As long as there is no nudity)

Premium Bay

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Premium Bay is our online-education platform. This site is 100% to use and there are no ads at all at this time. We are looking to fund this site via user-donations.


Guitar Tech Forums

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Guitar Tech Forums is our online community for guitarists, feel free to join regardless if you're a beginner, someone who has been playing for 20 years or you're thinking of picking a guitar up! Everyone is welcome. 

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